1. Enact Preference Ranked Majoritarian Ballot Voting for all levels of government, welcoming competent non-partisan candidates without risk of splitting the majority's philosophical vote, ensuring all our legislators are legitimate with >50% endorsement.

2. Elevate Business Lending to a formal Profession dedicated to first serving the client in the public interest, to avoid attracting psychopaths as lenders, to nullify chartered bank elite's directives to cease funding small business, and to enable the huge influx of climate change migrants from the hot south to rapidly create their new livelihoods. Enact a Small Business Lending Act prohibiting stressful spousal guarantees for real estate secured loans.

3. Democratize Education via parents electing Administrative trustees, parents with teachers electing curriculum trustees, and final year college and university students with all staff electing the boards of governors, yet government deciding funding.

4. Correct the 1990's omission in the Manure Regulations of any prohibition of H2S Air Pollution, to prevent its mental, neurotoxic and immunosuppressive illnesses hazards.

5. Democratize workplaces via a lower income tax rate if all experienced staff elect their president by secret ranked ballot, and net earnings are distributed as they direct. This reduces governments' costs for social services and law enforcement arising from wide wealth disparity and worker discontent when corporate elites exploit instead of serve their employees' best interests.

6. Reduce tax rates on earned income, via adding a deferable wealth tax on net worth greater than forty years of minimum wages, excluding homes, assessed as deemed income as though earning a low interest rate. Also to fund defense against risk of destructive thievery by Kremlin.

7. Incentivize living vegetation to sequester carbon, by exempting green lands from taxes towards public water drainage costs. All barren lands including public roads, building roofs and saline patches and fallow would be assessed for public water drainage costs, based on the principle of drainage user paying.

8. Avert catastrophic collapse of petroleum industry by stimulating manufacturing of durable instead of GHG-emitting burned products, possibly via rebates paid to durables funded from wholesale levies on petroleum destined for GHG, with neither tax to nor subsidy from governments.

9. Enable essential services for all, via sharing property taxes from high tax base regions such as with office towers and industries, to all communities on a per capital basis for the minimal costs of drinking water, sanitation, fire protection, local policing, etc, so that which side of a municipal or First Nation boundary one is born on is irrelevant for essential public service.

10. Exemplify new boreal and tundra developments, such as Port Nelson, as GreenHouse Gas and Flamable Fuels Free test markets for GHG-free energy services with no explosive fire hazard. Use grazing livestock to control vegetation, replicating ecology of 600 years ago.

11. Reward service in the public's best interest, by tying the public service wage scale to the median income of all Manitobans aged 30 to 60.

12. Democratize crown corps and civil service via 5yr+ staff, who know peers well, electing Boards of Governors and Assistant Deputy Ministers via ranked secret ballots. Naive Ministers still set objectives and retain operational and expenditures veto.

13. Enlist weaponry for emergency local defense of Human Rights and Democracy, as a privately owned Reserve under coordinating generalship of The Council of the Federation (all Premiers).

14. To #1 above, guarantee at least one MLA for each Party getting >4% of the total Manitoba #1 votes, by selecting their candidate who rose to the highest % during the ranked ballot count, to serve as a MLA without constituency.

15. Democratize health services, via all medical and admin staff electing, via secret ranked ballot, their Boards of Directors of Regional Health Authorities, depoliticizing planning.

16. Welcome not-for-profit health cooperatives, open free to all citizens, to supplement government-owned health care.

17. Fibre up our diets to enhance intestinal and mental health, reduce diabetes and lower public health costs, via sales tax on foods containing over two times more sugar than fibre or protein. Thus no tax on low sugar, high fibre high protein foods, including from restaurants.

18. Help rapid search for living, and safe search for remains, via funding local design of remote or robotic optical, gaseous, genetic etc methods. Fund private cremations to eliminate pathogens. Provide grave markers for all deceased since 1867 who lack one.

19. Degenderize citizenship, because Canada did, Iran and Taliban still do, use gender identity to deny women of freedom and voting, and minority genders of protection from hate. Gov and schools can cease gender prefixes, and use the word "e" instead of "she or he", and "ha" for "her or him", because gender is irrelevant distraction from the content of a communication. Address by initial and surname anyone who requests to not use first name. Segregate by age and strength for safe sports, yet retain biogirls bathroom as safe refuge from testosterone. Evolve via all parents' elected provincial school trustees' board, independent of any political party.

Proposed by: GrantRigby.ca
in Guide, Recorder, Gazette newspapers 6 Oct 2023