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New Words: e, h, h's
Efficient new pronouns to end irrelevant gender discrimination.

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Soil Salinity Hypotheses
15 scientific hypotheses to the question of how farming has caused soil salinity, and consequent solutions. New hypothesis added Feb 6, 2018.

Killarney Lake - Bubblers only below Cyanobacteria blooms in stagnant coves?
Peer-reviewed world science reports it is the turbulence from air bubblers that kills blue-green algae, not the oxygen.

Entrepreneurs’ Credit Union
Democratic open market for capital, to directly serve aggressive entrepreneurs and risk averse investors.

Public Health Act vs Swine Lagoons
Links to scientific research on air pollution, existing law to impose liability for harming neighbours' health, and needed amendments.

First Past the 50% Post Ballot
Preference-ranked ballot would not alter but rather perfect our representative Canadian democracy.

Tax Reform: Equalization of Health Care, Remote Essential Water, Police, Schools
Federal/provincial health care, and municipal essential services, serving all Canadians equitably through demographic and industrial changes.

Greenhouse Gas Import Tariffs, GHG-Free Zones, Brands, Living Roots
Proposed resolutions to the Paris climate accord, to create market responsive initiatives at no cost for governments.

Why Hide Cree Ancestry?
Why indigenous heritage was concealed, and need be no longer as Canada matures.

Canadian Forces Human Rights Oath
Canadian Forces should announce that they prevail for advancement of universal human rights.

Our Certified Organic, Prairie grown haskap berry, tart cherry, blackcurrant, apple and grape wines and honey meads, are sold at all Manitoba Liquor Marts, and can be ordered (via MBLL, SLGA and AGLC) by all private wine stores on The Prairies.